Solid Know-How in rotational moulding



Business Concept and Strategy 

Rotolink was founded in 2005, since then we have been using our know-how and professional experience to serve our customers in all aspects of rotational moulding. We are the only Mould Warehouse in Northern Europe, and provide everything the rotational moulder needs under one roof. Our expertise includes moulds (maintenance and modifications), product design and consultation on the moulding process. In addition, we provide a wide range of supplies needed for rotational moulding, with the exception of  plastic resins.

During these years Rotolink has built up a large customer base, professional personnel and well-equipped production facilities.


A reliable company 

We have established in a short time a reputation for reliability, which we strive to maintain by the same principles we started out with: on-time delivery and high standards of quality. We make sure the customer is always satisfied with the service provided by Rotolink.


Our professionals know their business

We recognize that a motivated and committed employee is our most important resource, and a good atmosphere in the workplace is essential for our success. We encourage these by paying our staff the wages they deserve, making the daily tasks as meaningful and interesting as possible, and addressing any potential problems with an open and constructive attitude.


Our vision and goals

  • To satisfied and expand our customer base.
  • To maintain our reputation of reliability.
  • To offer productivity and efficiency.
  • To expand our market area further into Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.
  • To increase our income and thereby our staff.
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